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The Engineer
• Provides an affordable sewer solution
• Predictable performance in all types of terrain
• Eliminates problems caused by infiltration and inflow

The Community

• Provides central sewer to residents
• An excellent wastewater solution for small to medium sized communities everywhere
• Environmentally safe for rivers and lakes

The Developer

• Lower infrastructure costs
• Property values increased by centralized sewers
• Ability to develop previously unsellable lots
• Increase housing density per acre

The Contractor
• Less installation guesswork
• Safer site conditions with shallow, narrow trenches
• Complete system

The Homeowner
• Low Maintenance costs
• Minimal annual electrical costs
• No modifications to household plumbing required
• Less disruptive to existing landscaping and roads
• No on-site drainage field

• Unmatched Grinding Capability
• Self-Diagnostic
• Low Maintenance
• LPS System Design

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